Solaris 分辨率调整与KDE/GNome平台切换

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摘要:一进系统,界面太大,移动很不方便,一来就得弄这个,百度了一下: 一.分辨率调整: 原网址: 内容如下:   Fixing the Screen Size Solaris 分辨率调整与KDE/GNome平台切换。After the install co






Fixing the Screen Size

Solaris 分辨率调整与KDE/GNome平台切换。After the install completes, you will run into your first problem. During the install, the screen is at a normal size with no problems, but the first time Solaris boots up the screen resolution is too small at 640x480. Somehow, Solaris wasn't able to use the same resolution it used during the install, so you'll need to run "kdmconfig" to fix this. You'll need to log in to the Solaris console in text before the CDE login screen appears. If you miss it, I suggest you log in to a CDE session; it will be a little easier to manage with the small screen size. Here you can reboot and try again or run kdmconfig from a maximized terminal window, the only caveat being you won't be able to test your new setup.

Once you are at the command line, run "kdmconfig" as root. The first choice you'll have is Xorg or Xsun. Both will work. If you're a Linux fugitive then Xorg setup should be old hat. Otherwise, just select Xsun to get started because it is a little easier to set up. You might want to experiment with Xorg later on.

Solaris 分辨率调整与KDE/GNome平台切换。Once you have chosen Xsun from the first screen in kdmconfig, next you need to choose your video card and monitor options. For running Xsun under VMware, you should choose "XF86-VMWARE Vmware SVGA virtual video cards".

Solaris 分辨率调整与KDE/GNome平台切换。Next select the first MultiFrequency monitor, the one that is 100khz and can do 1600x1200 @80hz. For the screen size, just leave it at 17-inch.

Solaris 分辨率调整与KDE/GNome平台切换。Now you can pick a resolution. The minimum you should choose is probably 1024x768, but think about the screen resolution you are currently running on the host desktop and adjust accordingly.

Check the settings you just entered and then save and test the configuration. You will get a chance to try out the resolution. If it looks good, then accept the settings; otherwise, try experimenting with different settings. If the VM screen seems way too big, then try to change the monitor type. Don't forget the keyboard and pointing device settings if yours is different than the defaults.

Solaris 分辨率调整与KDE/GNome平台切换。Reboot your new VM to make sure the changes you've made are acceptable. If all went well, you'll see a properly sized login screen.



说白了就是:点文件->终端VI->输入:kdmconfig出来界面 Xsun


3.XF86-VMWARE Vmware SVGA virtual video cards




重启--》目前我的电脑是出现黑屏-_-...重启后提示什么内存的,进不了界面,目前在Console Login中,还进不了界面。-_-







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